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Kitty Brown
"Can we talk?" has been comedienne Joan River's signature line throughout her illustrious career in stand-up comedy, guest-hosting The Tonight Show and hosting her own network talk show.

It always signaled that something totally off the wall was about to transpire, and it was never wilder than when dog-trainer-to-the-stars Bash Dibra appeared on her show!

Co-hosting with Joan, was, as always, her yappy Yorkshire Terrier, Spike! But this time, Spike had a cohort: Joan's female Yorkshire puppy, Veronica! Terriers, of course, are tenacious all by themselves; but put them in pairs, and they're the original Terrible Twos!

Now, Bash didn't break a sweat when he greeted Spike and Veronica on national TV—after all, pressure is training Henry Kissinger's dog, being on TV with Joan was delightful for Bash. Delightful, that is, until he heard the words that brought fear into his heart: "Can we talk?"

At that moment, Bash knew he was on the hot seat and, sure enough, he was. Spike had been misbehaving horribly since Veronica arrived on the scene, and young Veronica was untrainable—Could Bash train them during the next commercial break???

Well, train those dogs he did, and now Bash is joining Joan and Spike on their new home turf: QVC! Bash will be making his debut on the nation's top-rated shopping network, joining Joan and the network's entire roster of stars and sales, to sell his top-rated video, Simple Solutions. Watch for Bash in his own spot, Friday, August 8th at 7:00 a.m. on QVC!

And Spike and Veronica, wherever you are, Bash has just one question for you and dogs and their owners all across America —"Can we train???"

Reprinted by Permission of Author
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