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Kitty Brown
Work on the world's first dog playground was temporarily sidelined this summer; but now it’s back and bigger than ever—with plans to bring the the dog playground to every borough in the City of New York!

The dog playground—the brainchild of Bash Dibra, Celebrity Pet Trainer to the Stars, and Chairman of Pets, People & Parks—was originally intended, and approved, only for the pastoral environs of New York City’s Van Cortlandt Park.

Indeed, Linda Dockery, Administrator of Van Cortlandt Park and Pelham Parks was a lightening rod of vision, skill and hardwork in transforming Bash’s dream for city dogs into an approved reality and sponsorship trinity with Pets, People & Parks, Friends of Van Cortlandt Park and the New York City Parks Department!

And now the Van Cortlandt Park dog playground will become the jewel in an entire crown of dog playgrounds in every borough in New York City!

"This dog playground will provide a wonderful prototype for more playgrounds to be built in and around the city, as well as the rest of the country," says Bash. This project, developed after four years of our successful Pets, People and Parks events, made city officials realize how much nature and pets enrich our daily lives."

City officials, however, don't run around nearly as fast as kids and dogs in playgrounds!

"Yes, things have gone more slowly than we intended," admits Bash, "But I'm beginning to realize that making dog playgrounds in New York City is a lot like making movies in Hollywood! The old cliché 'hurry up and wait!' is true!"

When completed, the playgrounds will feature an enclosed "free play" dog run, with plenty of trees and grass, as well as benches for people, and water troughs for dogs, along with water fountains for people. The piece de resistancç, however, is the fabulous obstacle/agility course, which will feature hurdles, hoops, tunnels, crawl-spaces, fences, etc. The obstacle/agility course will be safely self-contained within the playground itself, allowing for unobstructed playtime for dogs both on the obstacle course or in the "free play" area.

Individuals and corporate sponsors are welcome to help and promote the world’s first dog playground!

For more information, you can call the Van Cortlandt and Pelham Bay Parks Administration at (718) 430-1890.

Interested individuals and corporate sponsors can make contributions payable to (tax exempt): The City Parks Foundation. These should be mailed to:

Pets, People & Parks
Bash Dibra, Chairman
1 Bronx River Parkway
The Bronx, New York 10462
Reprinted with Permission of Author
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