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Saturday, October 16
11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Rain or Shine
Central Park's
Rumsey Playfield
Fifth Avenue at 72nd Street
They're rounding the turn, their thousands of paws pumping, the canine marathoners that, each year, join the annual ASPCA Dog Walk in support of the nation's 15 million homeless animals. This year celebrity trainer Bash Dibra, and author of the ground breaking new book, "DogSpeak" (Simon & Schuster, September 1999), joins the team to promote pet adoption during October's National Pet Adoption Month. Bash also will be signing copies of "DogSpeak", donating all proceeds to the ASPCA Pet Adoption Program.

Bash believes that many of the behavioral problems that lead people to abandon their pets are the result of poor communication and that talking to a dog in his own language is the first step towards a happier relationship. During Dog Walk, Bash will offer free consultations to owners, answering behavior questions and offering tips on developing a closer relationship through DogSpeak.

And if anyone wants to eavesdrop on the canine chit-chat at the marathon—well, just look into "DogSpeak", a veritable dog-lingo dictionary. The translations are all there!

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